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5 tips for choosing the perfect bookcase for your home

Bespoke bookcases

Building a bespoke bookcase for your home can create a real feature in a room as well as offering practicality and function. Quality fitted furniture can also add value to your property. All our bookcases are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to blend beautifully into your home.

Here's our top tips to consider when deciding on the design of your bookcase:

Tip 1: Be clear about what your shelving is for

Do you have a large collection of books or a vast collection of vinyl or CDs? This will determine the height of your shelves and what sort of flexibility you need. Do you also need storage cupboards built into the bookcase to hide away clutter? You can even have a desk built into the cupboards for computer use or study, with easy access to electrical points etc.

Tip 2: Know your style

Choose a look you love that will also compliment the style of your home. We can build any style, whether it's traditional to fit into a Victorian or Edwardian home, or modern contemporary with a paint finish, or a Scandinavian birch plywood look. Contemporary styles like Shaker can also work in older properties as the contrast between old and new can work well. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. We have our own Pinterest page where we've put together various style ideas for you.

Tip 3: Decide on the finish you want to achieve

You have several options when choosing the materials for your bookcase. Your choice of wood is determined by the style you want to achieve and also cost. If you enjoy a wood grain finish then a hardwood is a good choice. If you want a more contemporary look then a painted finish or birch plywood may suit you better. Hardwoods are generally more expensive than softwoods but offer a quality finish and have more longevity.

Your choice of woods include:

  • Hardwood eg. oak, ash or walnut

  • Softwood eg. pine

  • Veneered wood eg. MDF

  • Moisture-resistant wood eg. Medite Premier Board

  • Birch plywood

Want to know more about wood finishes? See our materials blog for more detail.

Bespoke shelving

Shelf thickness

The thickness of your shelving is determined by your choice of wood and the style you want to achieve. Wood sheets come in various thicknesses, a thicker shelving gives you are more traditional look. The shelving in this contemporary example uses a 30mm thickness. We can advise you on your choice.

Tip 4: Think about the hardware

Hardware generally refers to the handles and hinges used for your bookcase. The doors of your cupboards can have handles or can be flat panel without handles for a more contemporary look. You can even choose the hinges you would like for your cabinets. We offer a range of quality branded hinges such as Blum or Hafele with a soft-close mechanism, or you can choose a basic hinge for smaller budgets. Hinges come in a range of colours and finishes. If you feel overwhelmed with the choice then we can help with your decision making!

Tip 5: Consider Lighting

Built-in lighting can add another dimension to your bookcase. It can bring warmth to a space with ambient lighting and add depth to a room by highlighting the items on the shelves. We can provide and install everything you need for added lighting.

lighting for bookcases

How does the process of installing a bookcase work?

If you find it difficult to visualise what your shelving will look like in your home then help is at hand. We have years of experience so we know what works and how to bring your vision to life. All designs are drawn to scale on the wall so you can see how your bookcase will fit into your space. This process defines the positioning of the shelves and helps you to visualise the finished bookcases.

Get in contact to ask a question

If you need help understanding and deciding what you need then get in touch and we can discuss your ideas. We offer friendly advice and can put together a quotation and timescale for you before committing.

Contact me, Daniel Fyfe, on 07794 609746 to chat through your requirements or send a message using our contact form.


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