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Different types of wood used in our carpentry

Wood grain

We use premium grade materials on all our projects and believe in only using the best materials to deliver quality results for your home. We purchase our wood from FSC Certified timber suppliers and always inspect the materials to ensure the finest quality for you. We use a combination of hardwoods, softwoods and sheet materials to create our bespoke fitted furniture.


Hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods and are often much slower growing as a result. Hardwoods are known for their hardness (as the name suggests) plus their colour, texture and quality. Oak is an example of a hardwood, which is renowned for its beautiful golden tone and grain. Hardwoods are typically finished with a clear oil to bring out their natural colour and detail of the grain.

Hardwoods we use on our projects (rollover to see name):


Oak has great strength and hardness together with a a beautiful grain. Oak is one of the most sustainable timbers to use and is a popular choice for furniture making and cabinetry. Oak is also very good for building staircases for the treads, balustrades and newel caps.

Black Walnut

This wood has a dark, straight grain. It is heavy and strong and highly durable.


This hardwood is tough and strong but also has flexibility which makes it an ideal choice for staircases. Due to its elasticity, ash can be steamed and bent to produce curves.


Sapele is similar looking to mahogany but is a good sustainable alternative. This wood has a darker tone with a wide range of colours from pink through to red, full of character and stability. This is a good hardwood if you're looking for a paint finish as it has a close grain so is smooth when painted but is also very hard wearing.

Tulip wood

Colours in this wood range from white to olive green to brown. This is a straight grained wood with an even texture giving it a contemporary Scandinavian look. The trees are huge and identified by their tulip-like flowers, hence the name.


We use softwoods mainly for framing work and joinery, that is later paint finished or stained. We use pine for our softwood joinery.

Sheet Materials

We use sheet materials for building the carcasses of your cabinetry as these perform better than hardwood as there is less movement in them as they season.

  • Veneered MDF eg. oak, ash, walnut veneers

  • Moisture Resistant Medite (MDF)

  • Birch plywood

  • Melamine board


I take care to make my work as sustainable as possible to minimise my impact on the environment. I only use FSC Certified timber for my carpentry.

I also minimise my waste by giving my wood shavings to local stables, farms and the general public that need bedding for their animals.

In the near future I am hoping to donate off-cuts to local colleges for their workshops.

This will in effect leave 0% waste.


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