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5 tips for designing the perfect home office

Home office built in eaves of house


As more and more people are working from home, it's becoming increasingly important to have a comfortable, pleasant space to work in. Your home office needs to be designed around how you like to work, with an ergonomic design that includes great storage, ample power supplies and good lighting.

And how about being camera ready? With video calls becoming the norm, it's good to have a professional space that you feel confident including in your calls. Here's a few considerations for you new office space.

1. Incorporate shelving

White shelving for home office

Built-in shelving is a must-have in any fitted home office or study. It allows you to keep organised which in turn will make your working day run smoothly.

Shelving is built bespoke to your requirements. Consider the items and office equipment which you'd like to have in your office. These might include reference books, stationery, magazine holders, folders, printers, reams of paper. Well considered shelving allows you to organise your space in a way that works best for you.

2. Include cabinets for storage

Bespoke fitted cupboards in white

If you're someone who doesn't like clutter then cabinets are a great way to store things away and keep your space tidy.

We can manufacture your built-in cabinets to any shape or size, so if you have a sloping or low ceiling we can accommodate that too.

You can have pull-out shelves fitted into your cabinets which can be used for easy access to your printer, tucked neatly away in the cabinets.

3. Create a built-in desk

Built-in desks are a great way to make full use of a small compact space, or a difficult area such as eaves where an off-the-shelf desk just won't work.

Built-in desks can also be designed to include bookshelves and cabinets so you have everything you need at your fingertips ready for the day ahead.

And once your desk is complete, finish your space with a comfortable chair with good support!

4. Avoid the tangle of extension leads

Working from home often involves using a lot of tech through the day, so plenty of power sockets are essential. The quantity and placement of them is important to think about when designing your space.

You'll need power sockets for items such as your laptop, monitor, printer, desk lamp, phone chargers. The list goes on! So to avoid a tangle of extension leads, it's good to think about your power requirements before we start building your home office.

5. Built-in lighting

White bookshelves with integrated lighting

Incorporating lighting into any fitted office or study, in our opinion, is a must have. It can help with the atmosphere of your room, creating a calm and congenial space if you're working to a deadline, or wanting to read a book in peace and quiet.

Lighting comes in different tones which allows you to create the perfect mood for your working environment.


You can have your fitted office or study in a number of finishes including all wood grain finish; an all paint finish; or a modern contemporary look with a mix of paint and wood grain finish.

If you have ideas about your home office that you'd like to discuss then get in touch for an informal chat. You can email or call me on 07794 609746.

You can also use our contact form to get in touch.


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