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Sustainable Carpentry

Sustainable carpentry

Designing for sustainability

I've always been aware that my job involves wastage so I take care to make my work as sustainable as possible to minimise my impact on the environment.

One way of doing this is through sustainable design. When discussing a project with a client I will look at ways at minimising waste. Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment to the design to save significant wastage. Of course, as a client, the final choice is yours but the option is there for you.

Material waste

I only use FSC Certified timber for my carpentry.

I also minimise my waste by giving my wood shavings to local stables, farms and the general public that need bedding for their animals.

In the near future I am hoping to donate off-cuts to local colleges for their workshops.

This will in effect leave 0% waste.

Contact Daniel for more information on sustainable building of your project.


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