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Case Study: Creating laundry room storage

Laundry Room Storage
Laundry Room Storage

The Brief

The client wanted to utilise an unused room next to the kitchen. They wanted flexible laundry room storage which included open shelving, locked cupboards for cleaning products, and tall storage for mops etc. They also required a high-end paint finish both inside and out. The space needed to have the flexibility for mixed usage so it could have different functions in the future.

What we did

We first assessed the space and discussed with the client what they would like to achieve. The space was unusual - it contained two narrow spaces with a pillar, circular window and two door openings. So we had to be clever with the space. In the video below you'll see the empty space before we started. And you'll see my line drawings on the wall with an accurate layout of where each component would be fitted. As with most properties, even new houses, the walls were not square, but that's the beauty of bespoke, your cabinetry will be fitted perfectly to your space.

The cupboards were all built off-site which is less disruptive for the client and also means less mess. Here you can see the cupboards being built outside as it was during the heatwave and too hot in my workshop! The built cupboards are then brought to the property for fitting.

As space was a premium, we recommended handle-less doors with push latches to open, to take up less space and give a sleek, clean look. Some of the lower cupboards were fitted with locks for safety, to ensure that cleaning products were safely tucked away.

Handle-less doors for space saving

The client chose to have a painted finish rather than hardwood. Once the carpentry was complete, it was ready to paint. The client chose to have us complete the paintwork. When choosing a paint finish, clients are given the option to complete this themselves but if you are looking for a professional, sleek finish that will last for years then we provide that service too. I spend time to seal and undercoat the wood, then finely sand down, repaint, and then apply the final coat.

The Outcome

The finished product was a multifunctional and flexible storage space.

If you would like to discuss bespoke cabinetry for your home then get in touch. I can discuss with you the different styles and wood finishes available, and give you an idea of costs and timings.


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