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Case study: Integrated display unit in oak extension

Display unit in oak extension
Display unit in oak extension

The brief

Our client had recently built a beautiful solid oak extension at their coastal home in West Sussex. They wanted to make use of an awkward space that was currently under-used and difficult to fill. The space contained a single beam to the right, leaving an awkward gap between the beam and the wall. There were power points on the wall below which needed to remain accessible. The client wanted to match the colour and style of a piece of freestanding furniture they had purchased from Neptune.

Before photo of fitted furniture
Before photo of the space

Our solution

We created a storage and shelving solution that fits perfectly into the space and is not only functional but also a feature of the room. The glass shelves add a lighter touch for displaying delicate ornaments. The lighting is fitted to both the shelving area and wine rack to add depth and warmth. The awkward gap next to the beam was used to build a wine rack, and an extra beam was added for balance.

display unit in oak extension

The details

Glass shelving

Adjustable glass shelves gave the client flexibility to change the height of the shelves to display ornaments of varying sizes.

Integrated lighting

A subtle LED striplight was integrated into the unit to highlight items on the shelves. The electrics were concealed behind the unit and the lighting can be controlled with a remote control or a button which was integrated into the beam.

Wine rack

An oak-lined wine rack was added for horizontal storage of wines where there was a recess. We also integrated a subtle strip-light into the rack to give depth to the space.

Soft close doors

All our furniture is fitted with quality soft close fittings and hinges from Blum, which carry a lifetime guarantee. Soft close ensures that the doors are quiet when closed, without slamming.

Additional beam

The original space had one arched oak beam to the right. To balance the look we added an additional oak beam to the left with solid oak dowels.

The finished project

The project was completed in this beautiful coastal home in West Sussex. The unit was built bespoke to the space, using quality materials that will last for years to come.

Furniture for your home

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