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Case study: Home office in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Office fitted shelving

Our client was based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

The brief

Our client wanted custom built office shelving built into the eaves of the top floor of their home to store their collection of books, work folders and various other work materials.

Our solution

The original design they proposed was going to be expensive to build and subsequently out of their price range. So we proposed an alternative design that was still making full use of the area but fitted their budget and also minimised waste in the production process. And as it turned out, the client liked the new design more than the original!

How we work

As part of this build process, we drew a full scale drawing on the wall. We find that our clients love this way of working, it's something that not all bespoke carpenters do.

The drawing allowed the client to visualise the design and see that everything would function as they want it before it was built. At this stage the client was able to make adjustments to the design without incurring any costs before the build starts.

Drawing of shelving on wall
Design is drawn to scale on the wall

Final stages

Once the build was complete, primer was applied to the furniture ready for painting. The client choose a satin white paint finish to keep the room light and aesthetically pleasing.

bespoke shelving for office
Shelving is painted with primer ready for the final coat

The finished project

The final office was completed with a stain finish paint, finished by hand. We also offer spray painting as an option where required.

Materials used

  • Moisture resistant medite premier board. 22mm (shelving)

  • Moisture resistant medite premier board. 30mm (worktop)

  • Moisture resistant medite premier board. 18mm (uprights and infills)

  • Moisture resistant medite premier board. 12mm (backs)

  • Joinery grade pine (sub base and fixing points for infills)

If you'd like to discuss your home office ideas and get an idea of costs before committing, then get in touch via our contact form or call 07794 609746.


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